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Privacy Policy

Quinta da Marinha Oitavos Dunes, SA, entity responsible for the website (hereinafter referred to as the website) of the Golf Course Oitavos Dunes (hereinafter referred to as Oitavos Dunes), takes seriously the privacy and protection of data entered by its users.

The website of Oitavos Dunes provides its users privacy and security of data provided for the various services available, and only requests and collect the data necessary to deliver the service in accordance with the explicit statements on the website and user options.

Information handling/treatment

We now present the practices in the handling of information that we have adopted on the website Oitavos Dunes, including how information is collected, how it is used and with whom it is shared. Under the Registration in the National Commission for Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as CNPD), we have assumed to the users of the website the following commitments:

  1. Handling all data processing lawful and fairly, collecting only the information necessary and relevant to the intended purpose;
  2. Allow the data subject (Client) the right to access and correct the information provided/collected concerning him, whose content should be transmitted in a clear language  in accordance to the content of the data collected;
  3. Do not use the data collected for a purpose incompatible with the reason for the collection;
  4. Keep the data accurate and, if necessary, updated;
  5. Ensure the express consent of the data subject (Client)  where/if it is required;
  6. Ensuring the right to free disposal of the data used, when requested by the holder;
  7. Have security systems that prevent the display, modification, destruction or addition of data by anyone not authorized to do so and to detect deviations from information intentionally or not;
  8. Observe professional confidentiality regarding the data processed;
  9. Do not perform interconnection of personal data, as stated in the Portuguese law, unless authorized by law or consent of the CNPD.

For more information, see the website of the CNPD - www.cnpd.pt

Collected Personal Data

In general, the website can be visited without having to reveal any personal information. There are, however, areas of the website where users need to provide their personal data in order to take advantage of the services available there. The services of the website you need to input personal data or refer to their authorities, triggered by motion or demonstration of interest of the users, are:

  1. Newsletter Subscription;
  2. Contact us
  3. Other services that may appear later and which require the introduction of personal data are covered by the privacy policy and security of the website;
  4. Confidential Prices /contracts;
  5. Download of images.

Categories of Information We Collect

  1. Making Reservations
    When you make a reservation or purchase a vacation package we will request your name and address information along with other information to assist with your reservation and stay such as credit card number, date of arrival/departure, and room preferences.
  2. Requests for Information
    When you request additional information related to our services, we may request your name and contact information such as street address, phone number, and email address.
  3. Email Offers Sign-Up
    If you are interested in receiving special offers via email, we require that you provide your first name and email address. You may also provide additional information such as your city of residence, birthday, or interests, to help us tailor our special offers.
  4. Planning Meetings and Events
    If you are interested in obtaining more information about meeting and event planning, we may request your name and contact information such as street address, phone number, and email address.

Categories of Information We Collect (continued)

  1. Contacting Us by Email with Questions or Comments
    When you send us an email from our websites, we may retain information such as the content, your email address, our response, and the text of any follow-up questions you may have. We may use this information, for example, to measure how effectively we address customer concerns online, to personalize your experience, and to continuously improve our service to you.
  2. Employment
    If you choose to apply for employment online, you will be required to provide your name, street address, telephone number, email address and any other information required on a standard employment application.
  3. Collection of Information Through Web Technologies
    We may automatically track and collect your IP address, domain server, the type of computer and type of web browser you are using and use "cookies" to (i) customize content specific to your interests, (ii) ensure that you do not see the same advertisement repeatedly, and (iii) store your password so you do not have to re-enter it each time you use the websites. Some of the websites operated on our behalf are hosted and managed by other companies who may track and collect this information.

Safety and Quality Information

We aim to ensure the quality and integrity of information provided by the users of our website and for this we implemented the necessary measures, both technological and organizational, to keep information secure, accurate, current and complete.

In areas of the website where we collect the personal data of users, the transmission is encrypted using SSL 3.0 (Secure Sockets Layer) with encryption keys of 128 bits.

Using this technology, data consulted on the website as well as the data sent by the user for the website are encrypted using a 128-bit key, which is currently a more secure encryption supported by current browsers from the Internet.

All attempts to change or enter information, or any other action that might damage or endanger the integrity of the system, are strictly prohibited and may be punished according to law.

Sharing personal information

The personal information collected on this website is used exclusively by Oitavos Dunes for the purposes stated in this document for each case.


Our website contains links to other websites. Oitavos Dunes is not responsible for the privacy policies or contents of those websites, nor for the quality or veracity of the statements contained therein.

Log Files Statistics

We record the IP addresses of all links to the website. This information will be used to analyze aggregate statistics, however, no relation to the services and interactions with users is established.

Oitavos Dunes will monitor all the statistical information concerning the use of the website on an aggregate and anonymous way. The data used for this purpose does not contain personal or private information.

The analysis carried out from the aggregate statistical information will be made to interpret the patterns of utilization and to improve continuously service levels and user satisfaction. The aggregate statistical information resulting from carried out analysis may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

Changes in our privacy practices

If Oitavos Dunes changes its privacy policy, the latest version will always be available at this site.

For further information, please contact machampalimaud@oitavosdunes.pt

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The content of this website is subject to Copyright and Related Rights and Industrial Property Rights (as stated in the Portuguese Law) and can not be used outside the conditions allowed and established by the law.

"Oitavos Dunes" is a registered trademark.

The user of this website can copy, import or use information or national symbols in this website for personal or public use provided it has not lucrative or offensive purposes. Users must always refer to the source of the information.

Regarding other websites that this portal is linked to, permission from the authors of that material must be obtained or, at least, mentioned the source, as applicable to that specific copyright.

Any attempts to change information, upload information, or any other action that might damage or endanger the integrity of the system are strictly prohibited and may be punished according to law.

Disclaimer of liability

Quinta da Marinha Oitavos Dunes, S.A. maintains this website with the aim of improving the public access to information on the provided services.

Quinta da Marinha Oitavos Dunes, S.A. intends to keep this information updated and accurate, and seek to correct any errors that are reported.

The contents of this website does not constitute advice or suggestion, do not establish any contractual relationship of accountability. Quinta da Marinha Palace Hotel, S.A. is not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user/Client, for the information contained on this website. Quinta da Marinha Hotel Palace, S.A. is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety or legality, including the compliance with the rules concerning copyright and related rights of the content, products or services contained on this website that may have been provided by other entities, advertisers or partners.

Quinta da Marinha Palace Hotel, SA can not guarantee that a document available on this website exactly reproduces an officially adopted text. Therefore, only the version of documents published in the Official Gazette (Diário da República) is considered authentic.

Applicable Law

This website is governed by the Portuguese law.